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The Four Fundamental
Directions of Opus Angelorum

Just as the four points of a compass direct us towards our goal when traveling, in the same way in the spiritual life the four fundamental directions lead us towards heaven in the company of the holy angels.

The principle governing attributes of God are holiness, wisdom, justice and omnipotence (cf. Dionysius, Commentary on the Divine Names, Bk IV Ch. 12). Each one of us is called to participate in these divine attributes and to be transformed into the likeness of God. By living the four fundamental directions of adoration, contemplation, expiation and mission, we follow this call.


We are called to correspond to God’s holiness through adoration of God especially in the Most Blessed Sacrament in union with the holy angels who unceasingly sing about the throne of God, “Holy, holy, holy!” in profound adoration (cf. Rev. 4:8).


We are called to participate in divine wisdom through the contemplation of His Word and salvific works in union with the holy angels who “continually behold the face of God in heaven” (Mt 18:10).


We are to satisfy God’s justice through making expiation for our sins and the sins of the world by carrying our crosses in union with Christ and with the help of the holy angels.


We are called to participate in God’s omnipotence by persevering with fortitude in our God-given mission through His strength and the strength of the holy angels.