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Explanation of Consecration

Membership in Opus Sanctorum Angelorum

The new General Statutes of Opus Angelorum were approved by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life in November of 2008 giving it the status of “a public association of the Catholic Church with juridical personality according to the norm of canon 313 of the CIC” (Letter of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, October 2, 2010).

Membership in Opus Sanctorum Angelorum begins with the ecclesiastically approved Consecration to the Guardian Angel formally received in the name of the Church by a priest of the Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross or a delegated priest-member of the Opus Angelorum.

Normally, after becoming familiar with our spirituality over a period of time through, for example, the website, days of recollection/retreats and the newsletter, one would begin the formation year towards the Consecration to the Guardian Angel and membership in Opus Angelorum by attending a retreat, mission or day of recollection in your area and filling out the application for the first formation year.

Membership Formation

After applying at an OA event for the formation year, one is prepared for the Consecration to the Guardian Angel and membership in the Opus Angelorum by monthly letters on the spirituality of the Opus Angelorum along with some prayers, readings and spiritual exercises. After one year, one would then be eligible to apply to make the Consecration to the Guardian Angel at an event in his area.

If someone feels called to go further, he can enter a 2-year formation in preparation for the Consecration to all the Holy Angels.

And if one wants to go even further he can join the Confraternity of the Holy Guardian Angels, which is a community within the OA. Each step has specific goals and commitments which are explained at retreats and missions preached by the priests of the Order of the Holy Cross.

It is important that candidates and members attend periodically OA events, at least once a year, if possible. At these events we make a short interview, also give an introduction into our spirituality and particularly into the consecration to the angels. We conduct silent retreats in many States throughout the US. See our retreat schedule.

Meanwhile we encourage you to read meditations on our website to learn about our spirituality and maybe even to begin to dedicate some time on Thursdays and Fridays to the devotion to the Passion of Our Lord, which has a key importance in our spirituality.

You can also study the Crusade for Priests program.

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