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Crusade for Priests Meditations:

Crusade for PriestsThe Eucharistic PriestOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJune 4, 2020View
Crusade for PriestsThe Value of Prayer and Sacrifice for PriestsFr. Wolfgang SeitzJuly 3, 2019View
Crusade for PriestsThe Priest: Witness to the Joy of the GospelSr. Maria BasileaJune 26, 2018View
Crusade for PriestsThe Message of Fatima and the PriesthoodOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJune 26, 2017View
Crusade for PriestsMother Teresa and the PriesthoodFr. Wolfgang SeitzJune 26, 2016View
Crusade for PriestsThe Priest and the Sacrament of MercyFr. Wolfgang SeitzJune 26, 2015View
Crusade for PriestsSt. Thérèse and the PriesthoodFr. Wolfgang SeitzJanuary 26, 2015View
Crusade for PriestsThe Priesthood according to the Venerable ConchitaFr. Titus KieningerJune 26, 2014View
Crusade for PriestsThe Holy Curé of Ars and the PriesthoodOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJune 26, 2013View
Crusade for PriestsSigns of HopeOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJanuary 26, 2013View
Crusade for PriestsSupporting our Bishops in the Defense of Religious FreedomOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJune 26, 2012View
Crusade for PriestsThe Bishop: Christ the Good Shepherd Present Among UsOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJanuary 26, 2012View
Crusade for PriestsThe Priesthood: A Life of Love and Humble ServiceOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJune 26, 2011View
Crusade for Priests, Holy AngelsThe Mission of the Angels and the Priestly MinistryOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJanuary 26, 2011View
Crusade for PriestsThe Identity of the Priest: A Participation in the Priesthood of ChristOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJune 26, 2010View
Crusade for PriestsBy What Authority? The Undaunting Witness of the Catholic PriestOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJanuary 26, 2010View
Crusade for PriestsNew Testament Foundation for the PriesthoodOpus Sanctorum AngelorumDecember 2, 2009View
Crusade for PriestsThe Year for PriestsOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJune 10, 2009View
Crusade for PriestsAdoration for PriestsOpus Sanctorum AngelorumDecember 28, 2008View
Crusade for PriestsSpiritual Motherhood for PriestsOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJuly 16, 2008View
Crusade for PriestsThe Gift of CelibacyOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJuly 11, 2007View
Crusade for PriestsThe Priest is Not His OwnOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJanuary 28, 2007View
Crusade for PriestsMary and the PriesthoodOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJune 28, 2006View
Crusade for PriestsTribute to a Faithful PriestFr. Wolfgang SeitzJanuary 28, 2006View
Crusade for Priests“I entrust myself to your prayers.” Benedict XVIFr. Titus KieningerJune 28, 2005View
Crusade for PriestsThe Priest: Christ Present Among UsOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJanuary 28, 2005View
Crusade for PriestsPraying for VocationsFr. Basil NortzJuly 7, 2004View
Crusade for PriestsFacing the Present CrisisFr. Basil NortzJanuary 28, 2004View
Crusade for PriestsThe Gift of the PriesthoodOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJune 28, 2003View
Crusade for PriestsThe Priesthood and the Holy EucharistOpus Sanctorum AngelorumJanuary 28, 2003View
Crusade for Priests“Send out laborers to the Harvest…”Opus Sanctorum AngelorumAugust 8, 2002View
Crusade for PriestsThe PriesthoodFr. Matthew HincksJune 3, 2001View
Crusade for PriestsIn the fullness of time, God sent His Son, born of a woman” (Gal 4:4)Opus Sanctorum AngelorumJanuary 4, 2001View
Crusade for PriestsThe Urgent Need for Prayers for PriestsFr. Matthew HincksJuly 28, 2000View
Crusade for PriestsWhy Should We Pray For Priests?Fr. Matthew HincksJuly 1, 2000View
Crusade for PriestsWhen I Was Naked, You Clothed MeFr. Basil NortzJanuary 15, 2000View
Crusade for PriestsSt. Thérèse of Lisieux, Universal Teacher of Divine LoveFr. Wolfgang SeitzJanuary 28, 1999View