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Passio Domini: Thursday

Passio Domini: Friday

Priest Circular Meditations

Priest CircularsThe spirit of the world and Spirit of God (cf. 1Cor 2:6-12)Fr. Titus KieningerMarch 29, 2021View
Priest Circulars“The God of peace will quickly crush Satan.” (Rom 16:20)Fr. Titus KieningerJanuary 29, 2021View
Priest CircularsAngels will not separate us from Jesus. (cf. Rom 8:38)Fr. Titus KieningerNovember 28, 2020View
Priest Circulars“An angel of God … said, ‘Do not be afraid’.” (Acts 27:23)Fr. Titus KieningerSeptember 29, 2020View
Priest Circulars“A Macedonian stood before Paul” (Acts 16:9)Fr. Titus KieningerJuly 28, 2020View
Priest Circulars“The angel said to Peter, ‘follow me’.” (Acts 12:8)Fr. Titus KieningerMay 28, 2020View
Priest Circulars“Cornelius saw plainly … an angel of God” (Acts 10:3)Fr. Titus KieningerMarch 28, 2020View