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The Spirituality of OA

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Passio Domini

In Communion with the Holy Angels

The goal of every spirituality is to lead men to the communion of life with the Triune God through the Incarnate Son. Though the holy angels are not the central message of our faith, nevertheless, they are messengers of God and servants of Christ, “sent to aid those who are to gain salvation” (Heb 1:14). The angels are our constant companions through life “taking part in all our good works” (Thomas Aquinas) “leading [us] to life” (CCC 336). To benefit more effectively from their presence and help in our daily affairs we strive to do everything in communion with the angels, especially with our Guardian Angels, “whose constant care is directed towards [our] salvation and holiness” (Pope Pius XII).

This is the general characteristic of the spirituality of Opus Sanctorum Angelorum. At the beginning of the day, we should make our Morning Offering with Mary and in communion with the holy angels and extend this intention throughout the day. If we do this faithfully, we will soon experience that we carry our Cross more courageously, serve Our Lord, Our Lady and our neighbors more lovingly and carry out our duties more faithfully.