Our communities, the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross and the Sisters of the Holy Cross, ask for your prayers and donations for the future home of the Work of the Holy Angels in Carrollton, Ohio

Dear Friends and Members of Opus Angelorum,

BrothersH aving completed the Sisters' convent in March, ground was broken for the future St. Gabriel Monastery on June 10th! On this day, the new memorial instituted by Pope Francis, Mary, Mother of the Church, was also celebrated for the first time! Though the date was not planned, we were so pleased to witness the mysterious workings of Divine Providence. The Order is firmly rooted in our Holy Mother Church, and fidelity to her is a mark of all the members of Opus Angelorum. The Church is the great gift and testament of Christ to humanity in His dying moments on the Cross. St. John Chrysostom taught that just as Eve was taken from the side of Adam when he was in a deep sleep, so also the Church was born from the Blood and Water that flowed from Christ's side when He was in the sleep of death (cf. Instruction to Catechumens).

The Church is perpetually holy, notwithstanding the disconcerting moral misconduct on the part of some of her members, even within the priesthood and hierarchy. The Church is holy because her Head, Jesus Christ, is holy: she is His Body! As such, herself being holy, she sanctifies and makes us holy through the Sacraments which mediate to us the fruits of Christ's Passion. Pope Francis said in a homily, "No one can have God for a Father, who does not also have the Church for a Mother" (June 10, 2019). Through the Church, God does not simply forgive us our sins; in Baptism, He gives us His Spirit to make us sharers in His very life, the divine life of the Holy Trinity. He lives in us and acts through us, in the measure that we do not set up obstacles to Him. The Church is also holy because of the overwhelming holiness of the great throng of her Saints, both those in heaven and those still living on earth, beginning with our Blessed Mother, Mary.

When we consider the greatest gift of the Church to us, we naturally think on the Holy Eucharist! Without the Church and her priests, there is no Eucharist. The Holy Eucharist is Christ among us throughout all generations. Jesus longs to be with us, to be in us. He wants us also to long for Him! In the Holy Eucharist, He renews His presence within us, and conforms us to Himself as much as we allow Him to! He is our great love, the foundation of our life, our hope in this world of darkness, our strength and rock in every trial. If we love the Church, it is because as the spouse of Christ, the Church is one with Jesus. And Jesus comes to us in a most intense way in the Eucharist. So let us pray and support our Holy Church, especially her priests in these difficult times. Let us unite ourselves with the Holy Angels and fight for the Church for the salvation of souls.

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May God bless you all! Fr. Ludwig Oppl, Director

St. Gabriel Building Project

In central Ohio, at the heart of America, the Order and Sisters of the Holy Cross are building a house of Adoration and prayer for priests. It will be the home base for both communities, where they pray and intercede for the Church and run the Opus Angelorum apostolate. From here they will also go out to serve in missions, retreats and family apostolate.

The project includes the National Opus Angelorum Center, a center of spiritual instruction, Adoration and prayer for priests for all who wish to come.


Although the Order and the Sisters of the Holy Cross have had a presence in the States since 1979 through Opus Angelorum missions and retreats, community life for the priests was first established at a parish in Detroit in 1995. A group of the Sisters came over to help the priests with the growing apostolate in 1999. The Order purchased a property in the diocese of Steubenville, and moved to temporary housing in 2015.

The Building Project

The St. Gabriel Building Project consists of 4 phases.

Phase 1 (already complete thanks to your generous help!) was the renovation of the future guest house and the addition of a small chapel. The Priests and Brothers currently live here until the monastery can be built.

Phase 2 (already complete thanks to your generous help! entails the Sisters' convent, with space for 12 Sisters and 2 guests, and all the necessary rooms for community life.

Phase 3 consists in the Monastery for the Priests and Brothers.

In phase 4 we plan to build a larger chapel along with the National Opus Angelorum Center.

Would you like to be a part of this project for the good of the Church and her priests? With the help of the holy Angels, together we can transform and renew our culture and society from within, beginning with each individual heart. More than ever, the Church and the world today need the Angels!

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