The Crusade Letter with meditations on the priesthood is sent out twice a year for all those who join our Crusade for Priests. These meditations are written to give the laity a better understanding of the importance of the role of the priesthood within the Church and to encourage them to pray and to make sacrifices for priests.

Crusade Meditations


The Message of Fatima and the Priesthood

One hundred years ago, Our Lady spoke to three shepherd children at Fatima, “Pray, pray very much, and make sacrifices for sinners; for many souls go to hell, because there are none to pray and sacrifice for them.” In our Crusade for Priests, we are dedicated to praying for priests, for good and holy priests, as well as for the tempted and falling. Many Crusaders offer their daily Rosary, their daily Crusade prayer, their Holy Mass and Holy Communion for priests. This is of great benefit to the Church! But do we realize that this is only half the battle?

At Fatima, Our Lady came to teach mankind once again the way to peace and salvation. Hers was a message of faith, conversion and prayer, but also of sacrifice. It was directed towards those in need of conversion, but also towards those who were already living the faith, that they might learn to do more, to bring also their brothers home to the Father’s house. The Church and the world are in need of such souls who are willing and able to “seek and save those who are lost”, to bear the burden of others. At present, our little Crusade is 6000 strong. What a powerhouse of strength we can become in the Church for the good of the priesthood, if together we strive to become even more generous, sacrificial souls who stand in fidelity and love behind our priests, praying, sacrificing and making reparation.


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