The Crusade Letter with meditations on the priesthood is sent out twice a year for all those who join our Crusade for Priests. These meditations are written to give the laity a better understanding of the importance of the role of the priesthood within the Church and to encourage them to pray and to make sacrifices for priests.

Crusade Meditations


Mother Teresa and the Priesthood

Dear Crusader, thank you for your commitment to pray for priests! On September 4, 2016, in the Extraordinary Year of Mercy, the Church will canonize Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the Apostle of Mercy-In-Action. Mother Teresa was renowned in many ways, first of all for her love for the poor, but also for her love and respect for the priesthood. In this and the next letter we will offer our Crusaders an inspiring conference of Mother Teresa on celibacy addressed to the priests. The gift of celibacy is not only a "scandal" for the modern world, but is—sadly to say—increasingly attacked from the inside of the Church. May Mother Teresa intercede that this divine gift be once more rightly understood and held in high esteem by both, the clergy and the laity.

Priestly Celibacy: Sign of the Charity of Christ—Part 1

We read in the Scriptures how Jesus came to proclaim the Good News that God loves us. He wants us today to be that love. Jesus said: "You did it to Me—I was hungry, naked, homeless and lonely and you did it to Me." I call this the 'Gospel on five fingers'.

Everyone is called to love God with their whole heart and soul and mind and strength and to love their neighbor out of love for God. But on the night, before He died, Jesus gave us two great gifts: the gift of himself in the Eucharist and the gift of the priesthood to continue his living presence in the Eucharist. Read More

Without priests, we have no Jesus.
Without priests, we have no absolution.
Without priests, we cannot receive Holy Communion.

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